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Inspiration. Creativity. Good taste. Here you will find all the brushes and colour palettes to give your ice cream customer an experience beyond the ordinary.

Product news 2018
  • 93030 - Bubblewaffle standard
    Bubblewaffle Standard

    A handy and multifunctional 3-hole stand. To cool, fill and present the tastiest bubblewafles

    93030 - Bubblewaffle standard
    91803 - Modular Menu List Licker
    Licker Modular Menu List

    Licker delicious and fresh soft ice cream. This modular Licker ice cream card you can put together to your own liking. The single product cards...

    91803 - Modular Menu List Licker
  • 91802 - Softice Corner Modular Ice Cream Menu
    Softice Corner Modular Ice Cream Menu

    The Softice corner coencept has been re-styled completely. A fresh and modern design that fits the trends in fastfood service. If you use this...

    91802 - Softice Corner Modular Ice Cream Menu
    51635 - Praline Topping
    Praline Topping

    <p>This pralin&eacute; topping is not only delicious on a Sundae ice cream. This topping also combines perfectly with our chocolate...

    51635 - Praline Topping
  • 51137 -  Danish Super Cone
    Danish Super Cone

    We guarantee that our ice cream waffles are the tastiest you can get! Thanks to our secret recipe and the special production method, our Danish...

    51137 -  Danish Super Cone
    51645 - Rum Topping
    Rum Topping

    Rum sauce from a bottle! For the sake of a dessert! It is just your imagination the limits proposes ...

    51645 - Rum Topping
  • 3050 - Candy Crunch
    Candy Crunch

    These finely crushed flavorful fruit candies give a colorful effect on every ice cream.

    3050 - Candy Crunch
    2600 - Chokstix

    ith this beautiful wrinkled chocolate flake, ice cream gets a real upgrade

    2600 - Chokstix


Tripple, thé soft ice cream trend!


Enjoy all the taste sensations!

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